Bacterial Flora of Poultry Semen And Their Antibiotic Sensitivity Pattern

Publication Date : 21/07/2015

Author(s) :

K. Ahmed , K. K. Das , Shiney George.

Volume/Issue :
Volume 1
Issue 7
(07 - 2015)

Abstract :

A total of 30 semen samples collected from ten breeding Vanaraja birds were subjected to bacteriological examination. All the samples revealed the presence of one or more than one type of bacteria. The organism isolated were E. Coli, Kluyvera ascorbata, Salmonella enteritidis, Pseudomonus, Serratia plymuthica and Klebsiella. Antibiogram revealed that the organism were highly sensitive to norfloxacin (95.54%), ciprofloxacin (90.90%) and ceftraixone (90.90%) and less effective drugs were amoxicillin (10.90%), cephalothin (23.63%) ,cephalaridine (23.63%) and gentamicin (41.82%).

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