Evaluation of Fungicides against Rhizoctonia solani Causal Agent Of Sheath Blight of Rice

Publication Date : 04/08/2015

Author(s) :

Akansha singh , Ram Chandra , Nitish Rattan Bhardwaj.

Volume/Issue :
Volume 1
Issue 8
(08 - 2015)

Abstract :

The present study was undertaken to assess the percent inhibition, percent disease index, disease severity and yield parameter against sheath blight of rice through various fungicidal treatment in in vitro as well as in field conditions. In this experiment results were found as Carbendazim 25% + Flusilazole 12.5% SE (NS) gave best results in the reduction of percent inhibition, disease severity, percent disease index and gave higher grain yield as compare to Carbendazim 25% + Flusilazole 12.5% SE (RS) (Luster), Kresoxime - methyl 44.3% SC (Ergon) and Validamycine 3% L (Sheathmaar-3) at different concentrations. Keywords: Rice, Rhizoctonia solani, Sheath blight, Disease, Yield, Fungicides.

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