Comparison between Existing Furniture for Relaxation and Ergonomically Designed Relaxing Chair among Restaurant Workers

Publication Date : 19/02/2016

Author(s) :

DR. Tulika Khare.

Volume/Issue :
Volume 2
Issue 2
(02 - 2016)

Abstract :

Kitchen in the restaurant is the place where the job of preparing and serving meals get done, where the workers have to do their working continuously for long hours without taking rest as they have direct contact with clients throughout the day. This is important because of the number of tasks carried out in restaurant kitchen in traditionally a small area and becoming even smaller since the cost of space is going higher, and possibly as consequences of all these factors, the fact that the restaurant kitchen has become the site of the majority of the accidents because of the frequent work force. Ergonomically designed furniture can reduce pain and injury, increase productivity, improve morale and decrease complaints. chair design considers intended usage, ergonomics how comfortable it is for the occupant, as well as non ergonomic functional requirements such as size , stack ability, fold ability, weight, durability, stain resistance and artistic design. Therefore, the study was undertaken to compare between the existing furniture for relaxation and ergonomically designed relaxing chair among restaurant workers. For the present study 120 workers were selected from the four south Indian restaurant i.e. Sri nidhi sagar, Raaga the family restaurant, Tamarind and Inchara the family restaurant, Bangalore city, Karnataka State. Descriptive cum experimental research design was used for the present study. Purposive sampling procedure was followed to select the sample and data was gathered by interview method. It was found that the restaurant workers faced lot of problems due to non availability of relaxing chair at their work unit. Hence due to prolong standing posture and, continuous working hours and absence of relaxing of body they suffered with arthritis problem, lower and upper back problem, headache, swelling on ankles, stiffness in leg and hand joints, numbness in body, reduced grip strength, limiting movement of fingers etc. Key words: Restaurant workers, Anthropometric measurement, Relaxing chair, Ergonomics.

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