Marketing of Minor Forest Product in Amravati District

Publication Date : 29/03/2016

Author(s) :

V.M.Bodade , A.A.Bhopale , P. R. Awaghad .

Volume/Issue :
Volume 2
Issue 3
(03 - 2016)

Abstract :

Forest continues to be of great economic importance and source of important raw materials for many industries and provide employment to people living in or around forests. It is recognized as renewable natural resources. Some of the products obtained from forest trees, plants and shrubs have medicinal properties. The Ayurvedic system of treatment is primarily based on the medicine obtained from vegetables kingdom. Forest is considered as means of sustaining ecological balance and the most important single factor to protect the environments. The average family size was 5.44. The major minor forest products found in study area were mahua, gum and charoli. Participation of tribal farmers in local institution was satisfactory, but participation of landless labourer was poor. The education standard of tribal farmers as well as landless labourer was low. Most of the respondents sale their MFPs in weekly market. However, some of them were selling their MFPs to local marchant, taluka level traders, Adivasi Multipurpose Co-operative Society. The season (month of collection) of above MFPs varies from product to product however, common season of availability of MFPs was during April-June. The total annual estimated gross returns from MFPs for tribal farmers were Rs.2549, whereas the operating cost incurred by tribal farmers was Rs.1673.Benefit Cost Ratio was 1.52. This revealed that there were minor differences in cost, returns and profitability structure of farm. (Key words : Minor Forest Products, Operating cost, Employment Generation.)

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