Studies on stability of seedling characteristics in rice

Publication Date : 08/11/2015

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Volume/Issue :
Volume 1
Issue 11
(11 - 2015)

Abstract :

Fifteen genetically diverse and promising varieties of rice were studied for their seedling characteristics viz.,coleoptile length, root length, soot length, seedling vigour index, root volume and seed yield under four agro –eco systems in order to identify their suitability under direct seeding. Genotype x environment interaction and it’s both linear and non-linear components were found significant for all seedling characteristics and seed yield under studied. Among the genotypes especially developed for upland condition, the Shushksmrat, Baranideep and Vasumathi showed good yield along with higher positive intercept ‘a’ value indicating their stability over environments though the highest yielder was MTU 7029 followed by Swarna Sub 1. Besides, varieties which showed the highest ’a’ values for component characters of effective root system viz., root volume (NDR 359) should prominently be involved in crossing with good characteristics varieties which expressed consistency over environments. Further, the varieties viz., NDR 97, NDR 359 and NDR 2064 showed high seed yield and positive intercept ‘a’ value could successfully be exploited for direct seeding by using drum seeder in rice.

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