Alkaline Peroxide Pulping of Datura Stramonium stalks- A Renewable Source of Fibres for Pulp and Paper in Kashmir Himalaya

Publication Date : 08/11/2016

Author(s) :

Sartaj Ahmad Ganie , Shoukat Ara , Saakshy Agarwal , Mohammad Aneesul Mehmood , Shamsul Haq.

Volume/Issue :
Volume 2
Issue 11
(11 - 2016)

Abstract :

Alkaline peroxide pulping of Datura stramonium stalks harvested from northern Himalayan region of India, Kashmir was investigated for pulp and paper production. The chemical composition including Lignin%, Holocellulose%, Ash%, Alcohol-Benzene solubility%, Hot water solubility%, 1% NaOH solubility was determined as 15.79%, 66.55%, 9.57%, 11.66%, 18.29 and 35.34%. Pre-washed chips were digested at 100°C for 120 minutes with 8% of hydrogen peroxide and 2% of sodium hydroxide. The values of black liquor include pH, Total solids, Chemical oxygen demand and color were 7.78, 1.67 %, 25720 ppm and 22564PCU respectively, while as for wash liquor the respective values were 7.48, 0.10%, 12800 ppm and 3677 PCU. The physical strength properties of standard sheets of 60 gsm of pulp at 8% alkaline peroxide pulping were as tensile strength (44.20 Nm/g), tear index (6.15 mN.m /g), burst index (2.71 kPa m2/g) and double fold number (827). The corresponding values of those standard sheets where no chemical (control) was added were 12.95 Nm/g, 1.9 mN. m2 /g, 0.09 kPa. m2 /g and 12 respectively. The results revealed that the Datura stalks at 8% APP pulping is suitable for paper and paper board making.

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