Genetic variability for nitrogen use efficiency and yield related traits in rice under low nitrogen and Available soil nitrogen conditions.

Publication Date : 15/07/2016

Author(s) :

Naveen Kumar, V. M , Dr. M. S. Uma.

Volume/Issue :
Volume 2
Issue 7
(07 - 2016)

Abstract :

Rice is the most important food crop in Asian countries and feeding more than half of world population. The local rice genotypes are reservoirs of valuable traits. Hence an attempt was made to study the genetic variability for nitrogen use efficiency, yield related traits and quality related traits in a set of 55 local rice genotypes during 2014-15 at the College of Agriculture, V.C. Farm, Mandya. Field screening of 55 local rice genotypes under low and no nitrogen conditions revealed highly significant genotypic differences for all the traits studied. High genotypic coefficient of variability and phenotypic coefficient of variability values with less difference observed for nitrogen use efficiency, yield and quality related traits indicating less influence of environment factors on their expression. High heritability coupled with high genetic advance was recorded for plant height, number of productive tillers, panicle length, panicle weight, number of spikelets per panicle, test weight, grain and straw yield per plant, nitrogen use efficiency, grain quality traits and protein content at both low and no nitrogen conditions. This indicated that these traits were predominantly controlled by additive gene action and more amenable for selection. Significant positive correlation of nitrogen use efficiency with grain and straw yield in both low and no nitrogen conditions was observed. The genotypes Parimala kalavi, Mosaleputtabatta, Mundoni, Bilihasudi, and Bolumallige were found to be nitrogen use efficient.

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