Genetic variability in early inbreeding generation of yellow pool base population. a). Base population, b). S0 generation in maize ( Zea mays L.)

Publication Date : 17/02/2017

Author(s) :

Prashanth M. , Kajjidoni S. T..

Volume/Issue :
Volume 3
Issue 2
(02 - 2017)

Abstract :

Study was conducted to assess the magnitude of heterosis and combining ability in the line × tester cross material involved 100 hybrids generated by crossing 25 lines with four testers and 3 commercial hybrid check (900 M, DMH-2 and Prabha) in maize during 2005-06 at Agricultural Research Station, Arabhavi. The analysis of variance indicated significant amount of variability among the genotypes for yield and yield contributing traits. Among the hybrids, ARYP-24 × CM-111 and ARYP-15 × CM-111 were found to be the best cross combinations for grain yield and its components.

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