InVitro Biochemical studies on certain mulberry verities of M5, V1, S36 and Anantha.

Publication Date : 04/10/2017

DOI : 10.22623/IJAPSA.2017.3106.JDENM

Author(s) :

Varaprasad P. , A. Vijaya Bhaskara rao.

Volume/Issue :
Volume 3
Issue 9
(10 - 2017)

Abstract :

Some plant roots, especially cluster roots, exude carboxylates that perform acid phosphatase activity, helping to mobilize phosphorus nutrient-deficient soils. α-amylase is an enzyme that catalyses the breakdown of starch into sugars. Amylase is present in human saliva, where it begins the chemical process of digestion. Foods that contain much starch but little sugar, such as rice and potato, taste slightly sweet as they are chewed because amylase turns some of their starch into sugar in the mouth. Both α-amylase and β-amylase are present in seeds; β-amylase is present in an inactive form prior to germination, whereas α-amylase and proteases appear once germination has begun. Cereal grain amylase is key to the production of malt.

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