Supply chain of Banana in Kaushambi district of U.P.

Publication Date : 02/08/2018

DOI : 10.22623/IJAPSA.2018.4035.ZH2Z7

Author(s) :

Ruchi sharma , Dr.Sanjay Kumar.

Volume/Issue :
Volume 4
Issue 7
(08 - 2018)

Abstract :

The banana is one of the most primitive, cultivated tropical fruits in India which ranks next to mango in area and production. Excess production of fruits and vegetables are transported from the producer to ultimate consumers. During the process of movements of banana several intermediaries are involved. The main objective of the study was to study existing supply chain and its management in marketing of banana. The study was undertaken in Kaushambi district of U.P. Multistage sampling technique was adopted for selection of respondents. A total of 170 banana growers (i.e.86 small, 57 medium and 27 large growers) were selected. Banana cultivation per hectare for small size farms was 0.39 ha, 0.85 ha for medium size farms and 1.30 ha for large size of farms group. The actual marketed surplus was highest in large size farms (688.27 qt.) followed by medium and small size of farms group (659.83 qt. and 612.66 qt.) respectively. The study reveals that disposal pattern of actual Marketable surplus of Banana in three different marketing channels i.e. channel I, channel II and channel III, Channel II was most prevalent adopted by the growers in the study area, as the highest percentage of the produce was transacted through channel II (Producer  Commission Agent RetailerConsumer) i.e. 68.08 per cent of growers followed by 16.66 per cent through channel I and 15.26 per cent through channel III respectively. The total market cost was higher in channel III (Rs.325.50). And the total marketing margin and price spread was also seen higher in channel III (Rs. 210.00 and Rs.535.50) because in the channel III there are maximum number of intermediates. The producer share in consumer rupee was higher in channel I, (69.41 per cent) and the marketing efficiency was also higher in channel I, (5.56 per cent). Due to less number of intermediary’s supply chain I, (Producer – Retailer -Consumer) was found to be most suitable chain in context of marketing of banana. By strengthen this channel per cent share of transected fruit can be increased.

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