Study on Ichthyo-diversity of Krishnai river, Assam, India

Publication Date : 05/01/2021

DOI : 10.22623/IJAPSA.2020.6020.DBIPF

Author(s) :

Dr. Makibur Rahman.

Volume/Issue :
Volume 6
Issue 12
(01 - 2021)

Abstract :

Assam, one of the most significant component among all the N.E. states, share about 30% of the region’s land area. From the literature it is ascertained that 200 fish species available in Assam belonging to 100 genera under 36 families and 10 orders. An attempt has been made to study the fish fauna found in Krishnai river, Assam. The river is an important tributary of the mighty Brahmaputra. Total 47 species of 17 families (under 06 orders) were identified during the study period. The maximum representation of the fish fauna of Krishnai river is order–Cypriniformes (43% N=20) followed by Siluriformes 34%, N=16), Perciformes (15%, N=07), Symbranchiformes (4%, N=2), Beloniformes and Anguilliformes (each1.2%, N=1). The present paper deals with an exhaustive list of ichthyofauna, collection locality, scientific name, and their conservation status as per IUCN status. Key words: Fish diversity, Krishnai river, Hill stream fish, IUCN.

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