Concentration of Free Carbon Dioxide present in Industrial water sample of Nipani Town

Publication Date : 03/06/2020

DOI : 10.22623/IJAPSA.2020.6008.SKCZ7

Author(s) :

Dr. Yashodhara Varale.

Volume/Issue :
Volume 6
Issue 5
(06 - 2020)

Abstract :

The Industrial water samples were taken from Halsiddhnath sugar factory from Nipani town and analysed every month throughout the year. We have studied levels of free carbon Dioxide present in industrial water. Concentration of Free Carbon Dioxide was found higher than the desirable limit of DO (5 mg/ up to 12.56mg / lit). The seasonal analysis indicated that the levels of DO were generally higher in summer and winter than their levels in rainy season. Key words: Industrial water, pollutant, Dissolved Oxygen (DO)

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